About home boxWho are we?
We are The King’s Church. Who we are, is defined by our name!

  • We are a people who live under the rule and reign of Jesus, the Son of God.
  • We are a people who live in Christ as sons of God.

Our call in Christ is to represent God to our community, and our community to God in and through Jesus.
We desire to be growing continually into what it is to be God’s people through being disciples of Jesus. A worshipping community who know God, and make God known.

Church more than a building.
Church is not a building but a gathering of people who acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Saviour. We gather to worship, pray, study and simply be together as God’s people. We are building a church, not simply a church building.

God’s family community.
We see church as a family oriented community of people of all ages and backgrounds. In Christ everyone has their part to play in the community of the church. Christian faith is not a lonely experience but one in which you are always surrounded by people who are your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters. As disciples of Jesus, living in the family community of church, there are always people who lead us on, people we walk alongside and people we encourage to come with us.

Our priorities.
We give high priority to the teaching of the bible, worship, prayer and living life together.