The Story of God

SoG box homeAs a church we are actively engaged in ‘The Story of God’. The Story of God is a story that reveals who God is, what God is like, and what He is doing in the world. The Story of God is a story that is played out through the lives of many men and women. The Story of God has a beginning and it has an end, and we are somewhere in the middle of it’s rich plot line.

The Story of God is found in the bible and is lived out in the lives of the people of the church. By actively engaging in The Story of God we, as the people of The King’s Church, are reading through the entire bible, cover to cover, a chapter a day. In doing so we are engaging with The Story of God that has gone before us so that we might be able to live in The Story of God now. The story of our lives has become wrapped up in The Story of God.

So, what’s your story? Why not join us as we journey through the bible together? You can read through the bible with us by following our daily reading plan and join us on a Sunday, and online, to see how the whole story fits together.

Click here to follow along in The Story of God with bible teaching from The King’s Church.