At The King’s Church we firmly believe that giving is a big part of what it is to follow Jesus.
We believe that tithes and offerings are an integral part of our worship of God. Therefore, we make a clear distinction between charitable giving and tithes and offerings.
Charitable giving is giving to a cause (and there is nothing wrong with that!) whereas we see our tithes and offerings as giving to God.
Tithing isn’t something where we give to the ‘good cause of the church’, but an act of submissive worship to God, through which the kingdom of God is furthered through the work of the local church.
We don’t compel people to give to the church (2Cor9:7), we don’t seek to extract charitable giving from people. What we do desire and encourage is that people worship God with everything, and that through tithing we would all learn (Deut14:23b) what it is to say Jesus is Lord!

For further teaching on worship tithing visit The Story of God Sermons page and click on 030: Whole Offerings: Num18, 034: Tithe Worship: Deut 14, and 050: The Cost: 2Sam24

For further study turn to Num18, Deut14, Mal3, Lk11:42, 2Cor8-9