Easter 2016

We’ve had a fantastic Easter season here at The King’s Church.

On Maundy Thursday we had a meal together that told the story of God’s working in our church through the food we ate. Amongst other things our taste buds were stimulated with dry bread that told the story of the children that were too poor to afford the ‘correct clothes’ to go to church with whom Mr Williams started the church 100 years ago, popcorn that told the story of the rapid growth the church experienced after it was first started and chicken ‘bricks’ (chunks) that told the story of the building that was built in 1966 to house the church.


On Easter morning we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus with our traditional Easter Breakfast and service. Jesus served fish on the beach but we tend to do a good bacon and egg sandwich!


And,as Easter came early this year our fEAsTer meal and service happened the week after Easter Sunday so we focused on the ongoing impact of the resurrection in the world around us. The food at the fEAsTer meal was the usual wonderful mix of flavours (with a large number of deserts, which was no great shame!) and the fEAsTer service took on the format of a TV game show where we enjoyed, amongst other things, Resurrection Charades, Resurrection What Happened Next and even Resurrection Poker!

Resurrection changes everything 🙂

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